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Twitch Dark Mode: How do I enable and use it?

Dark or night mode is the most popular feature users search in any application. It will change the background from normal light to darkness. It also reduces eye fatigue in low light. The dark mode also saves on the battery. Because Twitch is the most exciting application among users of the game, we will show you the steps to enable dark mode on this popular live broadcast platform.

Twitch is a popular gaming platform where users can watch their game videos in real time, chat with friends and make plans while playing, download their game statistics and much more. In January 2019, Twitch developers released support for dark mode as a built-in feature.

How do I enable twitch dark mode in my browser?

If you use Twitch on your computer, you can do the following to activate a dark theme.

(1) Open a web browser on Windows or Mac and visit

(2) Click Login and enter the login details (username and password).

(3) Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select Dark Theme.

(4) A dark theme is activated on your screen.

(5) To turn it off, click the Profile icon and turn off the dark subject.

How do I enable Twitch Dark mode on Android and iOS?

If you use Twitch on your smartphone (Android/iPhone), you can use the following method to activate a dark theme.

(1) Open the Twitch application on your Android or iOS device.

(2) Log in with your login details when you are logged out.

(3) Click on the profile icon in the top left corner.

(4) Now click on the symbol Settings in the upper right corner.

(5) Select Activatedark mode .

(6) That’s it. Dark mode is enabled in the Twitch application on your Android or iPhone/iPad.

Learn how to activate dark mode on your iPhone?

You will now learn how to activate dark or night mode in Twitch. If you have any questions, write them in the comment section. Follow the technology updates on Facebook and Twitter.



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