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Hey, Gary.
Let's Talk.

A couple of months ago when we created a spec campaign for you, we weren’t trying to get into politics. We just wanted to show the power of branding. So, when you swiped our campaign, we were happy to see that you agreed with us. We’re stoked and flattered. In the spirit of creating a great brand, we thought it only fair to provide you with the tools to execute it on a deeper, more effective level.

See Original Concept

We see you used our brand system on your campaign website...

...and across your social platforms.

So, here's a little guidance for how we intended the concept to be executed:

Style Guide

While your interpretation of our campaign was close, we wanted to create this style guide to help you more accurately execute it. After all, we intended for our spec campaign to be more than just a design direction. It's a concept around which to shape and convey your message in the most compelling way.


RGB: 223, 40, 58
CMYK: 6, 98, 81, 0
WEB: #DF283A

RGB: 78, 200, 244
CMYK: 57, 1, 0, 0
WEB: #4EC8F4

RGB: 62, 35, 124
CMYK: 93, 100, 16, 6
WEB: #3E237C


Separating the “ON” in Johnson allowed us to create a system that was flexible enough to talk about any topic while still remaining consistent. Red and blue are always used side by side with the name Johnson bridging the gap in purple - a literal mix of the two colors.

In the spirit of doing it right...

Download Working Files

All in all, we're excited that you're giving our work greater visibility by making it a part of your campaign. And, political views aside, that's a pretty big win in our book. Let's just do this thing the right way.